Purchasing a home will likely be the largest single investment of your lifetime. When combined with the fact that buying a house is not an everyday affair, it is easy to understand why the process may be somewhat intimidating. Nonetheless, as Canadians, we generally view home ownership as a realistic goal to achieve, regardless of the hurdles. Of course, your first home may not be your dream home, but it can be a starting point from which to work forward.

Going through the purchase process more than once in your quest for that dream home will educate you and make you more aware of your needs and wants. It will also teach you ways to maximize your dollar; for example, by learning that a mortgage with an interest differential penalty may not be as attractive as a mortgage with a 3-month interest penalty.

Hence, the purpose of the following topics will be to familiarize you with the home buying process. Whether your next purchase will be your first home or your sixth, I am confident that you will pick up a point or two as you read through each article. For instance, you may not know that a 'first time home buyer' could include someone who has already owned a home or that you can use your RRSP to buy a home. If you are a military member, you will also have other issues to consider, such as the Brookfield Relocation Program, and its implications with regards to your home purchase.

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